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Boiling House Equipment

Juice Heaters

We are Designers of various type of Juice Heaters:

  1. Dynamic Juice Heater
  2. Vapour Line Juice Heater
  3. Condensate Juice Heater
  4. Raw Juice Heater

These Juice heaters are in capacities From 50 M² H.S. to 625 M² H.S. as per the Capacity of sugar plant & client requirement. They are used for heating raw, Sulphur & clear Juice.

Design Feature:

  1. Vertical Tubular, High velocity, Multi circulation
  2. Positive removal of condensate
  3. Interchangeability of operation
  4. Leak proof passes for higher efficiency
  5. Efficient steam distribution
  6. Quick cover opening with balance device
  7. Removal of heavy & light Nox gasses





Evaporators/Vapour Cells

We have successfully Supplied, Erected, And commissioned about 75 Nos. of various type of Rising film evaporator (Semi – Kestner), Falling film evaporator & Robert type evaporators (Vapour cell) in India.

We offer following types of evaporators:

  1. Robert Type Evaporator (with central down take OR multi down take)
  2. Rising Film Evaporator ( Semi – Kestner ),
  3. Falling Film Evaporator

Robert type Evaporator body with multi down take:

The juice coming out from clarifier is known as clear juice & This juice is concentrated for the formation of crystal sugar in the form of syrup and for this set of evaporator is used. The biggest evaporator of 6000M² have supplied by us to M/s Krishna S.S.K. Ltd. Rethare Bk. In year 1993-94.

Design feature:

  1. Less tube height & less vapour pressure
  2. Multi down take for bigger diameter of Calendria for large capacity
  3. Better condensate removal
  4. Better steam economy & distribution




Rising Film Evaporators (Semi Kestner)

We offer semi – Kestner of tube length 4 Mtrs. To 6 Mtrs. we have handled Design, Manufacturing, erection & commissioning of largest Semi – Kestner of capacity 5500 M² H.S. to well known sugar industry in India. ( i.e. The Ugar Sugar Works Ltd. in year 2014 – 15 )


  1. Less space required due to long tube length
  2. Capacity increases by 15 – 20% Higher heat transfer & High velocity Of Juice
  3. Cost Reduction.
  4. Less inversion losses because of less Retention time of juice at high Temperature.
  5. High bricks of syrup.
  6. Less steam quantity is required and Gives high vapour pressure, hence Vapour can bleed to pan, juice Heaters & Evaporator set

Design Features:

• Calendria can be designed with min. 4.0 Mtrs. Long tubes up to 6.0 Mtrs. Long tube as per clients requirement & availability of exhaust back pressure of power house turbine. • Calendria is designed by keeping sufficient annular space & to give the tangential steam entry of exhaust and non condensate gasses are taken out from centre as well as peripheral vents. • Umbrella above top tube plate is given to avoid carry over juice particles through vapour. • Polly- baffle catcher also provided to avoid juice entrainment.




Vacuum Pans

We are masters in pans. The syrup coming out from evaporator section of is converted into formation of sugar crystal in Pan. The pans are used for three types of massecuite, ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’. The capacity of pan supplied by us is from 20 Ton to 120 Ton low head batch type pan. We offer two types of Pans:

  1. Low Head Batch Type Vacuum Pan
  2. Continuous Vacuum Pan

Low Head Batch Type Vacuum Pan

Design feature:

  1. Evaporation rate is increases due to fast boiling
  2. Speedy & High circulation developed resulting of uniform grain size due to less tube length
  3. Boiling period of massecuite is minimize & hence pan capacity utilization increases considerably
  4. Steam consumption reduced about 25% than high head pan
  5. Uniform steam distribution in Calendria by providing annular space around the tube plate.

Till date we have successfully Supplied, Erected & Commissioned 85 Nos. Low head vacuum pan of various capacity from 20 MT to 120 MT in sugar industries. Also we have supplied the biggest pan of the capacity of 120 MT 2 nos. to The Ugar Sugar Ltd. Ugar in year 2014-15.




Continuous Vacuum Pans

Design Features:

  1. Save space & energy
  2. Low temperature vapour boiling
  3. Good Massecuite circulation
  4. Uniform condition for crystal growth in all section
  5. S.S. Polly baffle catcher is provided for entrapment raster
  6. Increase production capacity about 25% than the batch pan for same volume
  7. Easy for operation.
  8. Maximized exhaustion of mother liquor.
  9. Following Major factor were kept in view while designing the continuous vacuum pan.
  10. Better circulation & efficient heat transfer to achieve improve evaporation rate.
  11. Narrow crystal size distribution.
  12. Small coefficient of variation.
  13. Steady & less steam demand.
  14. Plug flow and massecuite.
  15. Short Retainsion of crystals in pan
  16. Pan can be boiled with low pressure steam / Vapour.
  17. Less steam demand / consumption.
  18. No fluctuating steam demand as is in a batch pan operation
  19. Greater uniformity in operation is obtained with respect to crystal size and exhaustion.
  20. Number of units like condensers and ancillaries are reduced and thus less maintenance cost.
  21. Labour Saving.
  22. Operation Control is easy due to DCS based Automation system.





We offer mostly two types of crystallizer as follows:

  1. Horizontal ‘U’ Shaped Crystallizer
  2. Vacuum Crystallizer
  3. Vertical Crystallizer

Horizontal ‘U’ Shaped Crystallizers:

Horizontal ‘U’ Shaped crystallizers are used in Plants are of two types-

  1. Air Cooled Crystallizer.
  2. Water Cooled Crystallizer.

The capacity of crystallizer varies from 20 Ton to 130 Ton as per capacity of plant.

Construction feature:

  1. Heavy duty pipe for centre shaft
  2. Heavy duty thrust bearings for drive end & non drive
  3. Strong stirrer arms.

Till date we had supplied, Erected & commissioned more than 110 Nos. of crystallizer from 30 Ton to 130MT to various sugar industries in India. The Biggest Crystallizer supplied Of the capacity of 130MT to Doodhganga Krishna S.S.K. Chikodi.




Air Cooled Crystallizer

We are designing and manufacturing high quality range of crystallizer equipment that are commonly used for the evaporation and successive cooling or heating of the saturated solution to form solid composed of atoms that are arranged in an orderly manner. The repetitive array leads to the formation of crystal. Various types of crystallization equipment are used for different product at different operating conditions.

Vertical Crystallizers ( Mono & Twin Type) :

The vertical crystallizers are used for cooling crystals of ‘C’ Massecuite. & its capacity is ranging from 100 MT to 500 MT


  1. No supporting staging is required
  2. It can be installed inside or outside as per space availability at site
  3. Require 15% of factory floor space which reduced convention space required for Horizontal crystallizer
  4. Save man power
  5. Less power consumption by using planetary gear boxes for stirrer drive.

We offer vertical crystallizers of inside coil & external coil with riser pipe. The biggest vertical crystallizer supplied by us is a capacity of 320MT To Waingangā Sugar & Power Ltd. Nagpur in 2013-14.




Boiling House Equipment

Sugar Refinery Machinery Equipment

5000 m2- Evap. Calendria

5000 Evap.Calendria

5000 Evap

1700 m2 Evp Body

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300 MT MVC 3

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45 T Seed Cryst

110 MT Rec. Cryst.

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